Apr 18, 2014

Centenary Diving

Eloise has been saying for a while that she'd like to try her hand, if not her head, at diving. So I thought we could have a stretch at the reasonably recently renovated Centenary Pool, with its dedicated diving pool with deep deep water and high high diving boards.

A hot day it was indeed, a day to stick to the shade if you ask me, and Lyra and I did just that. Lyra, unwell with whatever it is that she's unwell with, was in no mood for this swimming nonsense so I retired to the icke kid's pool - the most boring ickle kids pool in the world with precisely no amusing things in it whatsoever - where I sat in the shade with Lyra cuddling me and eventually falling asleep.

Eloise however was in the diving pool, jumping on the springboard to varying degrees of success as she learned how to cope with this weird springy divey thing.

At one point I looked up to see her on the five-meter platform looking down very tentatively. "Good for you" I thought until she stepped off it at which point I thought an expletive of surprise and some admiration as she disappeared from view in what looked like a reasonable pencil-dive (that's the one where your feet go in first by the way).

She bounded across to me in the ickle pool. "Did you see that?!" Proudly: "Yes I saw that!"

"I'm never going to do that again, that really hurt."

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