Jun 13, 2013

Dancing Fever

Eloise was struck down by a scorching fever the other night. She came through into our bed in the dark, burning up.

So it seems that Mr L was on the money when he said that she was actually under the weather at school and not herself.

And she spent the whole day on the sofa, watching telly and sleeping, which isn't like her at all. The sleeping part. She'd watch telly til the cows came home. When she's dosed up on the paracetamol, TV becomes achievable. Otherwise, sleeping.

Anyway, clearly not a well girl at all. So no dancing competitions for her this weekend... or so we thought.

For two competitions are scheduled, one for Friday when some style of dancing is to be performed, one on Saturday when some other style of performance is to be showcased.

Except when we get in touch with the dance teacher it seems to that Eloise is indispensible and if she can't make it, then the whole team must be pulled! Which leaves Nicole and I feeling quite outraged to be put in such a position - after all, to be honest, this is not the Bolshoi, they are not going to win the competition, and to have this pressure placed upon us is not really on.

However Eloise is determined now to go and so we dispense drugs and apply makeup and reluctantly drag ourselves down to Logan where the performance is performed, the competition is not won, and we retire home early.

After the competition it becomes apparent that Eloise is far from better and has probably been set back as further days off school become necessary, and an ear infection is contracted.

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