Jun 2, 2013

A to B via C (and D) with a brief visit to E and a repetition of A (and D)

We toddled off to the beach with Hannah and Marion; the dog hadn't had a decent walk in days what with having moved house and being a bit busy and all that and we thought that Bribie might be nice.

Of course, the weather's always awful when we go there, or at least it is on a reasonable regular basis, but not to be deterred (on the basis that we didn't think about it) we headed off up the Coast as they say.

We did have Mia with us too, and what with there not really being room enough in the car, we took the obvious course of action and took too cars, arranging to meet at the Caltex on Gympie Road. Yes, Gympie Road.

The first slight change of plan occurred halfway to the petrol station, when we rather shame-facedly realised that we had forgotten to pack the dog. Which was kind of the whole point of the excursion. So we headed back and fetched the dog, a little non-plussed also that we hadn't seen Marion's car on the way to our common destination.

As it turned out, when we spoke to Marion, she had been home for a wardrobe change or something, because the weather was so lovely, or something, and she would shortly meet us at the Caltex on Gympie Road, as we'd agreed previously. Yes, Gympie Road.

So we arrived at the Caltex on Gympie Road, and filled up with petrol, and started to wait for Marion's car, with Marion, Hannah, and Eloise inside it. We had Mia with us, a very energetic and bouncy specimen, who clearly required chocolate, which we supplied whilst waiting for our travelling companions.

A while later, after eating the chocolate, and waiting for our travelling companions, and not seeing them, we contacted them to establish their whereabouts, only to find that they were waiting for us at the Caltex on Gympie Road, and wondering where we were. When they discovered that we were at the Caltex on the part of Gympie Road that's called Gympie Road, and not that part of Gympie Road that's called Lutwyche Road, and that's therefore (technically speaking) not Gympie Road at all, but Lutwyche Road, they set off to meet us at the Caltex on Gympie Road.

I am sniggering a little bit because as you'll have gathered, in Australia roads work a little strangely, and sometimes change names half way along. Lutwyche Road and Gympie Road are sort of really the same road, although not really, and the Caltex at Lutwiche Road is much closer to our house and so would probably have been a far more sensible place to meet as Marion lives only a short way from us, but hey! there you go.

So a while later on we were once again on our way to Bribie Island and we toddled up the beach and it was nice, although there was that pesky bank of cloud on the horizon that was drawing closer and closer and oh dear there's a band of rain on the rain radar but maybe it'll go around us? but no, the heavens opened, everyone is soaking wet except me who has a dry patch in the shape of a baby sling.

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