Oct 5, 2012

The End of the Work as She Knows It

New Farm Park in Bloom Nicole's working week has involved working like a dog since she decided to do this PhD thingy, but she's usually had Friday off.

Eventually it all had to come to an end, and as she has been expanding bit by bit, the weekend work on the ward has become increasingly difficult, and even on light duties she has struggled with the twelve hour shifts.

So it came as a considerable relief when her last weekend came up and we went down to New Farm Park for luncheon... well, chips, to celebrate.

Eloise had a haircut booked in, too. And she emerged as usual with it straightened. With the dryness around here at the moment, it might stay straight for a few days, too.

Anyway, lunch down at the Powerhouse and Eloise wouldn't sink to chips so had a medley of breads with exotic dips instead. Bless her.

The Jacaranda trees down at New Farm Park were in full swing; for some reason they are very vibrant this year, strange really since it's been as dry as a bone.

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