Oct 12, 2012

Emergency Belly Cast

I don't know what the definition of traditional is, but I'm going to apply it very loosely to the practice of Belly Casting. We did it for Eloise, and her cast is sitting somewhere in Sunny Blighty, collecting dust, and the other day we did it for Little Spud, soon to be with us, but not as soon as Nicole thought that fine day.

In what can only be described as the first in a set of false alarms ("Wolf") Nicole thought she had "that feeling" that doom was impending and that if we wanted to do the belly case - and we did - we'd better do it now or we might never get the chance.

And so we embarked upon the hilarious process of deploying splash-sheets, unpacking the plaster-impregnated bandages, and then trying to get a seven-year-old red-head to do something in a methodical manner.

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