May 8, 2012


Milkshake and Coffee After we went to the Butterfly Garden and wandered around its Maze of Hopeless and Eternal Loss, we traveled to Sawtell, a little place to the South.

My telephone had mysteriously begun to receive signals from the internet this very day, a most encouraging sign, and I was able to use the Sat Nav feature to simultaneously guide us to our destination and annoy all the occupants of the car with its deeply patronising tone.

Sawtell's high street was rather charmingly decked with enormous trees which would have provided marvelous shade had the sun been shining. Signs helpfully told us that the place was named after a person called Sawtell. Another example of Australian Etymological Ingenuity.

We stopped at a restaurant for a club sandwich or suitable alternative and drank things that were tasty.

Thence to the beach, where it started to rain.

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