May 8, 2012

In The Butterfly Garden

In The Butterfly Garden Before we went to Sawtell the Relative Youth Component journeyed to a nearby tourist attraction, the Butterfly Garden, or House.

Probably House actually, as it was a large Greenhouse that was attached to a house, although there was also a garden. The garden though wasn't excessively butterflied, whereas the greenhouse was.

It was pretty humid in there too. My camera kept fogging up. Eloise loved it though, chasing around the butterflies, of which there were many, and even learning some of their names.

Now - in the present day - when we walk around she's identifying Cruisers that we see in the forests. If she could remember any others, she'd be identifying them too, of that I have no doubt.

A Cruiser landed on her hand and stayed there for quite a while. We saw some enormous butterflies, rippling with colour, on a leaf, conjugating together.

A butterfly get trapped in the airlock between the humidity of the greenhouse and the cheesiness of the gift shop. We found a Butterfly Encouragement Device and between us restored the little lost soul to safety.

Afterwards we found a maze in the front garden and negotiated it. Mazes are good.

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