Oct 1, 2015

Lah-Lah's Land of Misadventure

Claire, our Cultural Convener, organised for us to go to see local Australian Kids' TV Starlet Lah-Lah in concert with her Big Live Band, an event to which I was looking forward to at best obliquely, but with toddler's enjoyment at stake I thought perhaps the sacrifice was worth making.

We pitched up early and grabbed a coffee and snack and a romp in the Otherwise Unremarkable Staircase of Enjoyment (pictured above) before heading down to the theatre.

As it turned out, rather than the lip-syncing horror that I was expecting, the band was indeed live, and very good, playing a kind of Jewish-folk pastiche style of music which was at once entertaining and engaging.

The best bit was afterwards when they all met the audience outside and let us touch their equipment.

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