Sep 28, 2012

Holiday Days

The school holidays were somewhat busy for us, what with our ongoing daily commitments to walk the dog and a daily swimming lesson to attend.

Eloise has been promoted another level in swimming and is now a "Shark" which means that she gets to sneak up on unsuspecting children in shallow water and sink her teeth into their dangling limbs. Or so you'd think.

Actually what it means is slightly unclear, but seems to signal that the Powers That Be consider her Ept at swimming and have therefore decreed that she be made ready in this, the Final Stage, for the Fun to Stop and for mindless swimming Up and Down at Maximum Speed to become the goal of all endeavour.

Anyway we surreptitiously requested that she be lined up with Jesse, her favourite swimming instructor, for these holiday lessons, and lo, it came to pass.

And her lessons were in the Big Pool, and she did swim Lengths of it.

And while she swam lengths of it, employing the various strokes, I did swim a Quick Twenty Lengths.

And after I had swum my Quick Twenty Lengths, I did get out of the pool and watch Number One Daughter dive beautifully.

And then she would Meet Up Randomly with Friends and People She Knew, and play with them in the Waters.

And when we had finished in the Waters we would retire to walk the Dog and to pursue our Other Pursuits.

Such as visiting the Roma Street Parklands where there are Beautiful Gardens. Eloise has decreed them so.

Or visiting Michael the Cat, of whom I shall write further on a separate occasion, no doubt.

Or going to Birthday Parties, and Playing With Friends, and generally Having a Good Time.

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