Jul 25, 2011


Darling Harbour Nicole had a conference to attend down in Sydney for a few days, so it made sense to go and see Julie and Gary for the weekend, so it made sense for Eloise and I to tag along too. So it made sense to book an apartment, and whoever it is out in Drugsland who mysteriously pays for such things, well it made sense to ask them, and for whatever reason it made sense for them to say yes.

So with all this sense going on, of course it made sense for Sydney to get a month's worth of rain in the few days we were there.

Whilst Nicole was at her conference, a confident stone's throw from the hotel, Eloise and I, without the umbrellas we hadn't packed, since it made sense to assume that the weather in Sydney would be nice, because after all when isn't it, braved the elemental deluge, and made our way to the other side of Darling Harbour to (ironically enough) the Sydney Aquarium.

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