Jun 14, 2011

House Removal

No Fixed Abode Mrs Perry toddled off to a home a little while ago, and her house was sold. We had heard on the grapevine that it was going to be taken away, and a new one built.

Yes, here quite often they don't worry too much about demolishing the old wooden houses. They take them away to a house graveyard and then other people buy them and install them, and live in them. Weird!

Anyway we had a run of reasonable weather this week (no rain) and with some preparations afoot it looked like this was the week.

They started off one day by taking down the stairs and removing some foliage and the fence from the front.

Another day they removed the roof tiles.

We wondered if they would chop the house into pieces, which they sometimes do.

But no, when it came to it, they came along with a bloody great truck which they reversed underneath it. Then they lowered the house onto it. Then the took off the roof timbers.

The council came along and pruned some trees so the power wires would be free.

And, in the dead of night, with a police escort, the house was gone.

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